For Pointe Sessions

You will need to provide a list of the dance poses that are required by the school you are applying to.

A pair of clean broken-in Pointe shoes with loose stings trimmed off, or a new pair Pointe shoes that are broken-in with ribbons and elastic already sewn.

1 leotard - select a simple symmetrical leotard don’t select a leotard with a single strap, two different sized straps, a strappy back, or unusual lines and seams. The leotard should accentuate your lines not distract from them. Also make sure the leotard fits, you don’t want it falling off or riding up in the pictures. Standard ballet leotards are best, leotards designed to make your legs look longer can break your ballet lines in funny places. If you have any questions (please see the Leotard page) or stop by the Dancewear center with your leotard prior to your appointment.

2 pairs of good clean tights (one as a spare)

Day Makeup - NOT Stage or Evening Makeup - makeup should be light to enhance your natural features. Please arrive with your makeup already applied.

Have your hair already up in a tight bun near the top/crown of your head.

For Head Shots

If you are coming for a ballet photos your leotard is fine for head shots, however you can bring a separate blouse or shirt if you wish.

If you are coming just for a head shot bring one light and one dark colored top. The photographer will make a decision which you should wear when you arrive. Solid colors that are not bright are best (a bright lime green top will not show well with your skin). You should favor tops that do not have extreme collars, buttons, or decorations to keep the photograph about your face, not the shirt/blouse.

Be sure to brush your teeth before coming, or throw a toothbrush in your bag. When you arrive make sure you don't have food in between your teeth... it will show in pictures.