Why Us?

The reason are, our coaches, our photographer and the way we run our sessions.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are hand picked from the best dance teachers in the Northwest. All of our coaches have worked as professional dancers, so they know what it takes to succeed. All of them know what to look for and how to help the dancer do the best they possibly can.

Our Photographer

Marv is a professional photographer who has worked capturing dance, sports, and weddings for decades. His ability to sense the exact timing of a dancer and capture them at their peak makes him the ideal choice for creating amazing audition photos. The quality of Marv's work is appreciated by his clients and his peers, his work has won local and international awards.

Our Unique Sessions

Our unique Rehearse, Review, Refine, and Retake sessions are designed to help the dancer achieve their best pose.

The session starts with Rehearse, our coach will walk the dancer through how a pose should look and guiding them on how to best attain the pose for the camera.

Once the Rehearsal is completed, we start shooting. After each shot the coach and the dancer Review the previous pose on a large screen monitor to see in detail what needs to be corrected or adjusted to get the best pose.

Then the dancer attempts the pose again using the information from the Review to Refine his/her pose.

And we Retake... again... and again...and again, the Review, Refine, and Retake process continues until the dancer and coach agree that the best possible pose has been achieved - given the dancer's current level of training and skill.

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