This should help you better understand what to expect during your audtition session. Once your session starts we will guide you through the process of getting the best photo and/or head shot.

You should arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled start time so that you can warm up and be ready to dance when your session starts.

The coach will start with a mirror rehearsal, walking you through how the pose needs to be executed to look correct for the camera. This is not the same arm, leg, or body positions that you would normally use in class, so using the mirror to see and feel your body in the "camera correct" position will give you a good starting point to execute the pose.

Following the mirror rehearsal, the coach will assist you in performing the pose. After an image is captured, you will review your previous attempt on a big screen monitor so you can easily see what you did and how you can refine and improve it on your next attempt.

Through this "review, refine, and reshoot" process we are able to help you achieve your best techique. Most dancers require a dozen to two dozen takes before achieving their best pose.

Once we all agree that we have captured the best technique you can deliver, we will review the images with you and help you select the image that shows you at your best.

The selected image will be delivered online within 48 hours after the session. You will also recieve a release that allows you to distribute and print the image. - Printing your images

Head Shots

Head shots will be posted online within 24 hours and you will be able to select which head shot you want retouched. The retouched head shot will be delievered via email within 72 hours of being selected.