Printing your Images

When you print your images from the session your best option is to print at a lab that allows you to choose "No Enhancement". Instant print Kiosk and the like will often 'Enhance'/Auto Correct the images by brightening and sharping your image. The problem is I've already prepared the images for you, and if your lab/Kiosk doubles up on the 'Correction' the prints will likely look very bad.

If you need prints, I recommend Costco, they are local, inexpensive, fast, and have an option to turn off the printing corrections/enhancements.

If you have any problems with your prints please contact me

Print Sizes and Crops

I provide you with an un-cropped and a cropped image. Always do your cropping by starting with the un-cropped image, this is the image in which the dancer looks the smallest.

Printing ballet poses can prove frustrating to the uninitiated. Because ballet poses tend to be "Tall" or "Square" they don't fit particularly well in standard print sizes. Also dancers vary greatly in height, a shorter dancer in a pose will work better than a tall dancer in the same pose. You can frequently end up with a lot of "air" around the dancer depending on the dancer, the pose, the print size, and the orientation of the crop.

With this dancer all of the crops work well with her size and pose


If you now take a slightly taller dancer and a different pose, these crops no longer work


So you have to reduce the size of the dancer until her hands are inside the crops


Or you have to change the crops to horizontal


Same with an Arabesque