Why Go Pro?

In this day of digital cameras why pay to have someone shoot an audition photo? The simple answer is Expertise, our expert team will help you perform and capture your best audition photo.

Proper execution of a position is the primary thing auditoneers are looking for in your audition photo. However, did you know that perfect position for a photo is different from the perfect position for class? In other words, what you do in class requires adjustments to look correct in a photograph. Our experts will help you understand and execute these differences to give your audition photo a polished professional look.

Also, as every dancer has strengths and weaknesses, we will help you show your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

In addition to how well you can execute a particular pose your audition photograph is telling auditioneers other information about you...such as your dedication to dance and your desire to get into their dance program.

Consider the two audition photos to the right. Which dancer is more dedicated and professional and is serious about getting into a good dance program?

A beautifully lit uncluttered sharp clear photograph will "communicate" to the auditioneer that the dancer is serious about dance and respects the school enough to submit a professional level photograph. Whereas a poorly executed audition photo will communicate that the dancer is less serious about dance.

Remember when you apply to a program or school you are competing against hundreds of other dancers. Most of those dancers will submit professionally coached and photographed images like the top image, and this gives them an advantage in being remembered and choosen.

We have amazingly talented instructors and an award winning photographer that work as a team to create a great audition photos for you.