Choosing an Audition Leotard

There are no hard fast rules for what kind of leotard to wear for Audition photos. However, over the years we have seen some cuts/designs that are distracting and break the line of the dancer.

Our recommendation is a simple camisole leotard that is symetrical, has standard ballet cut legs, with a closed back and in a single color.

It is best of avoid leotards with high cut leg holes (Jazz cut), halter tops, "strapy" multi straped, one shoulder, long sleeve and multi-color leotards.
Color is not critical for audition photos, yet most dancers show best in a black or grey leotard.


good audition leotard 


Leotards with open backs, cutouts, and lace, can break the line of the dancer and reveal skin in an unflattering manner. Keep these for class and performances where you are in motion and not frozen in time in an Audition photo.



High cut legs can make the legs look longer, however in an Arabesque the line of the leotard reveals an unattactive natural break at the top of the leg



A high cut leotard reveals where the hip is at the top of the leg and breaks the line of the leg. See how the bend at the hip breaks the line of the leg and makes the thigh look wider in the first two pictures, where the ballet cut leotard covers the area in question.



Although these visual distractions may not prevent you from getting into a program, you always want to put your best foot forward and look as good as possible.